What We Do

What We Do

We consistently innovate and break the norms to ensure your products are the first off the shelves.


Retailers have created the perfect storm for brands. Consumers are faced with choices like never before and as a result, their loyalty is slowly diminishing.

We work with you to create packaging that supports your brand message and propels your products into the hands of consumers.

The Power of Effective Packaging

The average customer scans a retail shelf in just 20 seconds.

That’s why we constantly innovate to make sure that your products stand out in a competitive retail environment. Our mission is to work with you to deliver bright, smart and eye-catching packaging to make your brand the consumer choice at the point of purchase.


Packaging with purpose

The primary function of packaging is to preserve and protect the product throughout the manufacturing, transport, storage and consumption chain. Great looking packaging means nothing if it doesn’t arrive at the retailer in one piece.

We listen to your requirements so we can recommend the best quality materials for the job, before combining them with our expert knowledge of structural design to help you avoid rejected deliveries and costly stock replacement.


You care. EnviraCoat cares

The sustainable alternative to plastic laminations. EnviraCoat is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and can be easily and cost-effectively applied to your packaging to ensure your environmental and corporate social responsibility commitments are met.

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Believe us when we say, we know that your packaging cannot afford to be anything less than extraordinary.