in our DNA


Changing attitudes to the planet and more stringent legislation on the use of materials and net zero targets is driving change in our industry. Our commitment to sustainability is long standing and encompasses everything we do from our culture, to our operations and supply chain.

Our ‘Simply Sustainable’ vision has four strategic pillars:

  • New product development to introduce sustainable packaging products and less single use plastic.

  • Continual investment in smart equipment and greener production processes.

  • Reducing energy consumption across our office and production facilities.

  • Partnerships with sustainable suppliers reducing carbon through our supply chain.

“Reducing the impact of our operations on the planet has been a longstanding commitment from everyone at Simply Cartons. From sourcing sustainable materials, to the solar panels on our buildings, we’ve made significant investment over the years but we never rest on our laurels to find new sustainable ways of working.”

Craig Mather, CEO

New Sustainable Products

Sustainability is fostering innovation for greener solutions for popular packaging items. We have the UK’s largest packaging innovation centre with constructional and material designers working on new products to reduce and remove plastic from packaging we use every day.

We have spent 24 months developing two sustainable products for the food to go, confectionery, bakery, horticulture and cosmetics markets.



EnviraCoat is a barrier coating that replaces plastic laminate in a wide range of products including food to go, confectionery, bakery and cosmetics.

100% biodegradable and recyclable, EnviraCoat can be easily and cost-effectively applied to packaging, costing nothing to make the switch.



Our exclusive eco-friendly foil EnviraMet is a recyclable alternative to MetPol.

Our foil packaging is produced in-house which also reduces lead times by eliminating offline processes. All adding to the reduction in our carbon footprint.


Smarter technologies are enabling greener production in manufacturing and we’ve made significant investment in the latest equipment and production facilities to reduce our energy consumption across our sites.


In 2019 we invested in solar panel technology across our sites as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

This was the starting point for moving towards net zero carbon emissions and has considerably reduced our carbon footprint – already saving Total Saved – over 110,000 Kgs in CO2 emissions which is equivalent to planting just over 5000 trees!

Supply Chain

We have long standing partnerships with our extended family of key suppliers and share the same values and outlook towards sustainability.

Our carton board from managed sustainable forests has a higher yield which means we use less material to achieve the same performance properties in our cartons. And because we source locally, our materials travel less distance further reducing carbon output.