How We do It

We approach every project with a keen eye for detail, a bright mind for creativity and a sharp attention to environmental sustainability.


As your packaging partner, our job is to advise and simplify all things packaging related. To guide you through your project with ease, using our team of experts and industry-leading machinery to provide a seamless service and extraordinary packaging solutions.

We take great pride in our work and enjoy nothing more than seeing the final product on the shelf – there is no greater satisfaction for us all here at Simply Cartons.

The Simply Cartons Way

The Brief

From the word ‘go’, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to guide you from start to finish. They’ll be supported by our 120 + strong team across the various sites, but for your project, they’ll be your contact for anything and everything you require.

The Studio

Our professional design studio is a dynamic hub of creativity; where our structural designers develop concepts that consider everything from product presentation and shelf presence to transit, environmental impact, budget and packing.

The Magic

Now you’ve got your approved construction, its time to watch the magic happen. On receipt of your final artwork, our repro team will make it ‘print ready’ and pass over to our production team who are pretty damn good at turning white board into jaw-dropping packaging. If you don’t believe us – come and pay us a visit to see it in action.

Our operation staff are there to see your packaging through its journey, ensuring the highest of quality on every process – from print and embossing, to foil blocking and window patching. This really is where the magic happens.

The Environment

We take great care to implement environmentally aware processes. The printing and packaging industry faces a great challenge to become ‘greener’ but we are facing the challenge head on.

We source environmentally friendly materials including FSC® (FSC®-C023337) and PEFC board and employ manufacturing processes that minimise our impact on the world around us.

One area we have been paying close attention to of recent is single use plastics. These materials have been in the limelight recently and so we’ve implemented our own investigatory projects to explore what other options are available to you as our client. Please come and talk to us about our findings…

How to Spec Your Quote

Below is a list of the things we’ll need to know from you before we can start to quote your project. It’s pretty straight forward, but if you do have any questions – don’t worry! Our team can be contacted at the below address to help in prepping for your quotes:

The total order quantity you need for this project. As with most things, the higher the quantity the lower the price, but that may not always be the best solution for you and your brand at this time. We can help to rationalise your decision here with cost vs. quantity vs. storage vs. demand – we understand the implications of all.

We’ll need to know three main dimensions of your packaging in order to calculate the amount of material required. We’ll then multiply this by your quantity to find the total amount required for the job.
Length (L), width (W), and depth (D).

Yep, that’s right. We’ll need to know what’s going inside your packaging (or at least the weight of it). Depending on what’s inside, may determine what construction we suggest for the carton and the type of material. The heavier the product, the more constructional support it needs and the more obscure of a shape it is, the more likely it may need a fitment or vac form.

Don’t worry, we’ve packaged everything from Easter eggs and confectionary, to lipsticks and razor blades – nothing will either surprise nor surpass us!

Print specification:
Sometimes we’re given a full print specification breaking down number of colours and number of varnishes, other times we are provided with a design or artwork and are asked to advise on the number of colours and varnishes.
It makes no difference to us – we’ll guide you both in terms of price and finished print finish here to achieve the very best results.

Board Grade:
If you know it – great!

If not – no problem. We’ll use all of the above information to help guide you on the very best material for your project.

Weight vs. strength and colour vs. texture – these are all things we can advise you on.
If you are unsure of anything please do shout as we are here to help. Get In Touch.


So let us ask you some questions

Are you utilising the power of retail packaging to its fullest? Are you doing everything you can to stand out in a competitive retail environment? And are you happy with your existing packaging?

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO” then we would love to hear from you. Get in Touch.