Switching to EnviraMet is easy…

  • Cost Effective

    Designed from the outset as a direct replacement for traditional metallised board.

  • No Compromise

    The same quality, design, and functionality with every colour available.

  • Increased Speed

    Produced in-house, reducing lead times by eliminating offline processes.

  • Simple Transition

    EnviraMet can instantly replace traditional metallised board on your next order.

Traditional Metpol v EnviraMet

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Benefits of EnviraMet

  • EnviraMet is a sustainable alternative to metallised board (Metpol).
  • Ideal for use in the food, luxury drinks, horticulture, cosmetics, health and beauty, and fragrance markets
  • No compromise on design with every colour available
  • 100% recyclable at local recycling centres
  • Designed and manufactured inhouse in our UK production facilities
  • Can be easily overprinted with a variety of processes, including litho, UV litho and inkjet digital
  • Providing a solution to meet environmental and CSR commitments

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