Consumers are demanding less plastic in packaging and governments are keen to act with new legislation driving the shift towards sustainable alternatives. EnviraCoat is a barrier coating that replaces plastic laminate in a wide range of products including food to go, confectionery, bakery and cosmetics.

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EnviraCoat is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and can be easily and cost-effectively applied to your packaging to ensure your environmental and corporate social responsibility commitments are met.

Switching to EnviraCoat is easy…

  • No additional cost to switch to EnviraCoat and with longer production runs it can reduce cost.

  • The switch to EnviraCoat can be instant, replacing plastic laminate on your next order.

  • By removing the plastic  lamination,  which is a separate process, EnviraCoat reduces lead times.

  • You can be confident that there’s no compromise on quality and functionality with EnviraCoat.


Laminate vs EnviraCoat

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Helping our customers…

  • Meet regulatory and compliance obligations

  • Reduce plastic use for consumers and communities

  • Meet corporate, social responsibility obligations


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