How to spec your quote

We don't need much info to get us started but there are a few bits we need.

Size is important for obvious reasons when trying to fit your product in a folding carton. There are three dimensions to the basic folding carton; Length (L), width (W), and depth (D). In written form the dimensions should appear in that order (L x W x D). To make sure you have the dimensions in the right order have the made up carton sat on your desk, with the opening on the top and measure as per the diagram.

Print specification, number of colours and varnishes, if you are unsure the most common number of colours is 6.

Board grade and thickness, this may not be decided yet as samples haven't been created so we can always recommend what we think would be suitable.

Finally quantity, this is the amount we will manufacture and has a big impact on unit cost so the more you can order the better!

If you are unsure of anything please do shout as we are here to help.