Simply Cartons Limited


Simply Cartons Limited attaches the highest priority to the protection of the environment not only at its operational site, but also with consideration to the complete lifecycle of the product from supply chain through to end of life, promoting sustainability where practicable. As a company we will assess the expectations of interested parties including customers, employees and our community when formulating policy and procedures.

We are therefore committed to providing outstanding products and services within a framework which balances economic, environmental and social factors. As part of that commitment Simply Cartons will conduct its operations inline with the Internationally recognised environmental standard, ISO 14001.

It is our policy and our commitment:

  • To prevent pollution and reduce other emissions
  • Subject to product safety, functionality, commerciality and production requirements, materials and other resources used, to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainability
  • To ensure production processes are optimised to reduce material use and resource use
  • To follow best practice in respect of waste, ensuring that we avoid it in the first place and then seek to reduce or reuse. Where waste cannot be avoided we will always aim to recycle and where this is not feasible, disposal will be by the most effective means and in-line with the waste hierarchy
  • To monitor and seek, where possible, to reduce resource usage including electricity, water, gas and fuel consumption and in the process reduce emissions
  • To ensure that the environment and performance of our suppliers is assessed and that buying decisions take into consideration environmental impacts
  • To conform to applicable compliance obligations and any other requirements such as those requested by our customers and other interested parties
  • To continually improve our environmental management system and enhance environmental performance. We will set and review environmental objectives at management reviews or when otherwise appropriate. Those objectives will be published internally and available to relevant interested parties on request
  • To foster a sense of responsibility for the environment amongst our personnel

The Board shall be responsible for this policy and ensuring that it is reviewed for continued suitability. However, it is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to the principles and aims set out above.